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The Johan Bure Family Book on DVD published by Genealogiska Föreningen in Sweden.
The DVD can be ordered through their website


On feb 2 2010 there was the main event of the Finnish Genealogy's 350 years anniversary in Helsinki. It all started when bishop Terserus in 1660 started to collect all the many and different releationships among the priests and other higher social groups in Ostrobothnia. His remarkable work would centuries later become the famous Genealogia Sursilliana.
The event is arranged by The Genealogical Society of Finland.
Yours truly will be attending the event, reporting back later.

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The first update for the year done. All charts of Erik Ångerman-Sursill regenerated.

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Time to update!

In 1971 the revised book Genealogia Sursilliana was published with the help of the Kone Säätiö, it's 40 years ago.
The book contained information on the family members up to around 1850.
My suggestion is that we all having ancestors among the Sursillians would join, and try to collect and publish an updated version of this book. Our aim could be to take the descendancy to at least 1911 to avoid the new regulations and laws about privacy, we could also correct all known errors in the previous editions and give future researchers a solid ground to build upon.
I can see that a project of this magnitude could easily take five or more years to complete, and would require a lot of effort of numerous people, especially of those that already have a lot of information on the generations after 1850.
A project of this magnitude would also need to get some kind of sponsorship willing to invest in realizing it.So my cry for help is, can anyone of you participate in the project, is there anyone willing to contribute, and do anyone know of any instance willing to sponsor the project?

All ideas and suggestions can be sent to the email address found in the footer of this page.

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