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Sursill charts updated.


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Sursill genealogy

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Corrections to the Sursill book 1.  PDF

Corrections to the Sursill book 2.  PDF

Corrections to the Sursill book 3.  PDF

Corrections to the Sursill book 4.  PDF

Corrections to the Sursill book 5.  PDF


Erik Ångerman-Sursill Descendants 10 generations. 2.3 Mb
Generated March 15 2017

For the moment, 10 generations is the maximun that we can show in the chart.


The Calamnius family is one big branch of the Sursills. The Calamnius Family have their own Family Association. You can find out more on their web page at

Known Sursills

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K J Ståhlberg.
P E Svinhufvud.
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.
Tarja Halonen.
Paavo Lipponen.
Paavo Väyrynen.
P O Haavisto.
P E Arhinmäki.
Jean Sibelius.
Zacharias Topelius.
Ville Wallgren.
Juhani Aho.

Suomitietokanta demo

Suomi-tietokantahankkeen kokoama demo-sivusto, jossa konkretisoidaan laatu, joka on asetettu tiedoille ylipäänsä ja erityisesti lähde- ja paikkatiedoille.

Suomi-tietokantahankkeen kokoama demo (Sibelius-kanta)